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Blue 111 - Help put Tickety back together again.
Blue 112 - Blue's putting together jigsaw puzzles with Shovel and Pail! Can you help?
Blue 114 - Do you hear a drum or a trumpet? Help Blue match the instrument to the sound it makes.
Blue 115 - Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper are making a macaroni picture frame. Help them find the missing pieces to finish the pattern. 
Blue 116 - Can you help our storybook friends return to their books? Match the characters to the stories where they belong.
Blue 117 - Mr. Salt & Mrs. Pepper are packing a perfect picnic lunch. Help them choose items that begin with the letter "P."
Blue 118 - What's that? It's a shadow! Can you figure out who is making it?
Blue 119 - It's dress-up time for the Felt Friends. Can you help them choose costumes that match?
Blue 120 - Shovel and Pail are doing a picture riddle. Put the right picture in place and solve the riddle! 

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