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Blue 201 - Can you help choose which healthy snacks
belong in the same group? 
Blue 202 - Blue's working on a project with the popsicle sticks. Help them complete their creations!
Blue 203 - Blue's putting away her toys. Can you remember which ones she puts away when the lights go off?
Blue 204 - We're experimenting with Slippery Soap. Find out which objects sink and which ones float!
Blue 205 - Get ready to recycle. Put the paper, plastic and metal in the correct recycling bins!
Blue 206 - Slippery Soap and Paprika are dreaming. Can you figure out what their dreams are about?
Blue 207 - Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper are going shopping. Can you match the words on their grocery list with the right foods?
Blue 208 - Practice your numbers with Cash Register!

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